Use the calendar below to sign up for our SESSIONS with Alex! Located at our Peace Dale, RI facility at 1174 Kingstown Rd.

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This is a rotating technique series that is designed for intermediate to advanced climbers. Participants can choose the classes they want to take. Each session will cover a different topic. The classes are $10 each for members and $15 for non members. Minimum 2 participants

to run. The goal is to introduce a private technique instructor or private trainer to the community.

Alex Johnston

Sessions Instructor

Raised in Hopkinton, Rhode Island, Alex has been climbing since he could walk. Throughout his life Alex was mentored and trained by his father who encouraged his passion and exploration of the outdoors. This led to Alex taking his skills to new heights at Rock Spot Climbing. It wasn’t long until he  took this passion outdoors, traveling all offer the East Coast in search of his favorite rock, bomber sandstone. Later, he began teaching the youth program students proper technique, skills, and mindset while climbing.  Now, he would like to guide the climbing community in his new course, ‘Sessions’.

Alex has used his knowledge of human body mechanics and climbing technique to create a beneficial training program for any climber. Johnston believes sharing knowledge is a powerful tool, and has a passion for helping climbers progress and improve.

In these focused sessions, Alex wants to share his motivation and knowledge for staying injury free, feeling balanced, and getting stronger at Rock Spot Climbing, Peace Dale!

Map, Directions and Contact Info

Can’t make the event?

Walk-ins are always welcome across all Rock Spot Climbing locations.

No appointment or experience is required. Simply come prepared with athletic attire and our staff will provide the equipment and training you need to have a great time by yourself or with friends and family!

Present a college or military ID and enjoy climbing at a special rate.

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